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(Español) El Equipo de Monte Bernorio se une al Proyecto Dessobriga

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Cooperation agreement for the internacionalisation of the “Monte Bernorio in its Environment” Project

The 29th of December 2014, after a period of fruitful negotiations, we have signed a cooperation agreement with Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz, from the School History, Classics and Archaeology of the University of Edinburgh.

The first stage of the cooperation agreement will be developed during the years 2015, 2016 and 2017, as a stage of development and consolidation.

But what does the agreement imply?

On one hand, Dr Fernández-Götz will co-direct the Project. Researchers and students from the University of Edinburgh will also join us, especially during the archaeological excavation seasons.

On the other hand, academic cooperation will be established, facilitating stays at the University of Edinburgh to students and researchers from the IMBEAC and linked to the Monte Bernorio Project. This stays could be related to academic research about topics related to Monte Bernorio, training courses, etc.

Another facet of the agreement is the development of the “Monte Bernorio School of Archaeology”, as an institution linked to the research projects the University of Edinburgh supports. This will lead to the training of foreign students in archaeology at Monte Bernorio.

The cooperation agreement will also be a way to publicise the Project in the University of Edinburgh website, as well as The European Archaeologist Journal and websites related to archaeology in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, etc.

Lastly, the cooperation agreement implies the consolidation, and the inclusion in the international scientific community of the “Monte Bernorio in its Environment” Project. This becomes part of the plan of international dissemination of the Project. The plan includes a wide range of papers to be published in some of the most important international scientific journals, books and monographs on the European Iron Age. As well as the involvement in international archaeology conferences.

Bernorio Firma Convenio Edimburgo

The academic representatives of the agreement: Dr Jesús F. Torres-Martínez (Kechu) Researcher linked to the Prehistory Department of the Complutense University of Madrid, and President of the IMBEAC and Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz, Chancellor’s Fellow in Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh.

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