New publications: Kobie and ArqueoWeb

This week, we bring you two new downloadable articles written by the ‘Monte Bernorio’ Archaeological Project team and published in two different scientific magazines.

The first one is ‘Monte Bernorio hillfort in the historical Cantabria. Nine centuries of History’, written by Jesús Francisco Torres Martínez (Kechu), Antxoca Martínez Velasco and Susana de Luis Mariño. This article constitutes an update of current knowledge on Monte Bernorio: defences, town planning, material culture and evidence of its destruction by the Roman army. It is published in Kobie: palaeoanthropology series, number 31, and it can be downloaded here.

The second article, ‘Rethinking Romanization of Cantabri and Astures’, by Santiago Domínguez Solera, offers a approach to the romanization of these peoples. It is published in ArqueoWeb, number 14, and it’s available for download here.

You can find more articles written by our team in the ‘Publications’ section of our website.

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