(Español) Seminario X Aniversario del Proyecto Monte Bernorio

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Our latest publication: “The Thunderstone”

Just as the Newspaper “el Diaro Palentino” previously announced in the article “Los Secretos de Monte Bernorio” (“Monte Bernorio’s Secrets”), this year, 2014, is the 10th Anniversary of the creation of the “Monte Bernorio in its Environment” Project. And we want to celebrate it by organizing different events that we will be announcing in the next few months. This year, as soon as the research is finished, we will also reveal the surprises that the tessera found at Monte Bernorio has brought us after its restoration.

For now, the research doesn’t stop. There are several articles pending to be published. Today, we bring you the last article published on 2013, at the magazine “BSAA Arqueología”, from the University of Valladolid.

Entitled “Thunderstone found at the Oppidum of Monte Bernorio (Villarén, Palencia). About La Carunia at Pre-roman Cantabria”, Jesús F. Torres Martínez, Antxoka Martínez Velasco and Susana de Luis Mariño, present and analyze the information provided by the polished adzes and axes located during the archaeological interventions at Monte Bernorio. If you want to know why these axes are commonly known as “Thunderstones”, you can download it here.

For other publications:  www.montebernorio.com/en/articulos

Piedra del Rayo

Radio interview at “Las Arenas de Cronos”

The 16th of December, Jesús Francisco Torres (Kechu), director of the “Monte Bernorio in its Environment” Project, was interviewed at the radio programme Las Arenas de Cronos . He talked about the site, its management, the surveying that took place in November and the polemic of  Celtism. The programme was broadcasted live, but now you have the opportunity to listen to its podcast.

The programme is only available in Spanish, but it could be a good way for the foreign readers of this website that study said language to listen to an informative scientific talk about Archaeology: III/XI (16 DEC 2013): Un oppidum llamado Monte Bernorio.


Las Arenas de Cronos

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XI Symposium at the Palencia Museum: New Discoveries on Palentine Archaeology

Next Tuesday, December 10th, we will be at the XI Symposium: New Discoveries on Palentine Archaeology, organized by the Palencia Museum.

Jesús Francisco Torres, director of the ‘Monte Bernorio in its Environment Project’ will give a lecture: “The preroman site of Monte Bernorio (Villarén de Valdivia)”, in which he will reveal, for the first time, an important discovery.

During the rest of the week you will also be able to attend to several other lectures:

  • Thursday, December 12th: “About the origin of the Palentine city. The excavation of the site of Las Nazarenas” – Javier Quintana López
  • Tuesday, December 17th. “The excavation of the medieval abandoned village of Santa María de la Aldea (Baltanás)” – Eva María Martín Rodríguez
  • Thursday, December 19th. “Archaeological excavations at St. Pelayo’s Monastery (Cevico Navero) – Ángel L. Palomino Lázaro y Manuel Moratinos García.

They will all take place at the Conference Room of the Museum of Palencia at 19:30 (Plaza del Cordón, I).

XI ciclo conferencias Museo Palencia