End of Season Survey 2013

If you follow us via Facebook and/or Twitter, you probably know already that we spent last week surveying the surroundings of Monte Bernorio. Our goal: locating Iron Age archaeological sites, by checking out information about possible settlements, and exploring areas with favourable conditions for settlements of said period. This way, we aim to study, not only the fortified city of Monte Bernorio, but also its context, locating and studying sites that can be related to it.

We also went up Monte Bernorio to register, using our GPS, the defensive terraces that surround the oppidum, and surely made it difficult for the Romans to conquer it.

The weather wasn’t especially good. It was cold, windy and snowy. But the results were good and we accomplished our tasks. With these last works, the 2013 Season finally came to an end. The only thing that lasts is the lab work we do at the Complutense University of Madrid every week.

We leave you with a photo gallery of this week’s survey: